Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Another day...another trip to the pediatrician. The verdict is that Tyler now has pneumonia. It doesn't really surprise me. He was sounding pretty bad. She thinks that the headache is from all of the medications he is on. We are starting to taper him off of the steroids (thank goodness!) so I guess we will see if that helps ease up the headache. We are all tired of going to the pediatrician and going to the pharmacy. Our bank account is tired of it as well. Ugh! She went ahead and checked out the other 2 who sound terrible as well and said that if they don't improve in the next 2 days to call and she would call them in something. They didn't sound as bad as Tyler but Jackson has been on one round of antibiotics for bronchitis with little improvement.  I am just so glad that she isn't going to make us come back up there for the other two if they get worse.  We have been to the pediatrician 3 times in 6 days and I am just waiting for them to pick up something else while there.  We need to get this knocked out because with 3 kids coughing ALL NIGHT none of us are sleeping very well. It is really making the days LONG!

This morning Jaci and Tyler were in the playroom just laughing and playing so well together. Pretty soon they came running up to me with blankets shoved in their shirts (as well as Zhu Zhu pets and Tyler's camera)and wearing princess dress up shoes. (Tyler is really going to hate me for this later in life!) They were pretending to be fat...not pregnant. Next thing you know Jaci grabs Tyler's hand and says "come on Loyd". Loyd is my mom's boyfriend and he does have a bit of a belly. I thought it was so funny (and completely random) of them to be playing around like that. Not sure about Tyler and the dress up shoes though. These kids drive me crazy most days but they also bring me so much joy and laughter. Makes it all worth it!

Tyler is really going to hate me later in life for this...

Jacob is probably going to really hate me right now for letting him do this...and taking pictures of it!  LOL

Someone talked me into ice cream while at Wal-Mart.

It made everyone happy after a long day.

Love them!

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  1. funny! I let Rhett carry "purses" so it's all good.