Friday, January 1, 2010

1/365 A new year...a new adventure!

I have decided that this year I am going to do a photography challenge. My goal is to take a picture of each of the kids every day for a year and post it on my blog. I think I am a little crazy for wanting to start this right now with Jacob leaving in 2 days but I decided that it will also be a great way for him to keep up with the kids every day and see what we are up to. I can't guarantee that I will be able to post every day if I am traveling to an area where we don't have internet service but I will try. I have watched other photographers do this and seen how their work has progressed over the year. It was pretty amazing. I hope that this will challenge me to step out of the box and get some really great shots. I also think it will be really cool to have a picture of each of the kids every day for a year. It will be cool to see how they change over the course of the year.

Today I wasn't overly inspired to get a great shot. I spent the day taking down Christmas decorations and cleaning the house and by the time I was done I was pretty much over trying to be the least bit creative. Taking down the Christmas decorations always makes me so sad and this year was especially hard considering it was our last Christmas in this house. I love how warm and cozy our house feels at Christmas time. I would leave the decorations up year round if I could. I think most people get a little depressed in January after the holidays but this year is going to be tough with Jacob being gone. I am hopeful that I will be so busy with the house and kids that it goes by fast and I don't have too much time to think about it. For those of you who don't know Jacob got a job transfer and will be moving to Albany, Tx on Sunday. I will stay here until we sell the house. It is going to be a tough couple of months but we are so excited for this new chapter in our lives and the changes it will bring.

2010...A new year...A new decade...A new start for our family! Hope it is wonderful for you all!

Jackson cooking with Jacob.

Tyler cuddled up in his spot on the couch. He hasn't been feeling well for a little over a week and was upset about me taking down all of the Christmas decorations and putting up his snow globe and Baby Jesus.

Jaci brushing her hair after her bath. It doesn't matter that I just did it for her...she has to do it herself! ;)

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