Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Today I am so thankful that I have friends who make me get out of the house. Today Gale insisted that I come out to her house to take care of some of our photography business stuff. We normally meet at my house during nap time to work but Gale decided I needed to get out. (and I did) It was an absolutely beautiful day outside. We finished up our business quickly and then headed outside for a walk. The kids wanted to go check out the garden and then we headed for a walk down to the pond. The kids had the best time picking carrots, playing with Summer the deer and going on a walk. After our walk we ended up making a last minute trip to San Marcos to eat Chinese food. It was great.

The weather was so beautiful today that I decided we should skip dance class and stay at home and play outside. We haven't had a day like this in over a month and I just couldn't stand the thought of sitting at dance for an hour. We spent most of the afternoon outside riding bikes and walking around the neighborhood. It was pretty much the perfect day. The rain is supposed to move in tomorrow and it is going to rain all weekend so I am glad we made the most of it. Hope everyone else's day was just as perfect!

Walking with Summer.

Gale showing the kids how to pull up carrots.

Got one.

She did not like the dirt on it at all!

Tyler so proud of his carrots.  When we got home today they had to wash their carrots and both sat down and ate them all.  I am thinking that all vegetables will have to come from Gale's garden if you know what I mean.  ;)

Summer lovin...

A big carrot!

Heading to the pond.

Summer wanted to take a swim.

Such a beautiful day.

Carrots and a stick.

Beautiful reflection!

Jackson out for an afternoon ride.

Can you tell he loves John Deere?

Can you tell she loves Kitty cats???

Jackson can't figure out why I am always taking their picture.  He gets annoyed quickly!

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