Monday, January 25, 2010

25/365 A Leap of Faith

Lately I have had so many people questioning what made us decide to move.  Everything about this move has been a huge leap of faith for our family and was especially out of character for Jacob. We had been discussing moving to get Jackson into a better school district for quite some time.  This past summer one of Jacob's best friend's growing up came to visit us and really got us to talking about it. The small town where they are living sounded like the perfect place to raise a family. The schools are amazing and the community really does rally around the kids. It sounded wonderful because that is something that is really missing here. I never thought Jacob would even consider it but he really liked what he heard and wanted our kids to be raised in a town like that. We started planning to put the house on the market after Christmas and knew that it would likely be about 4-6 years before something opened up in that area. We were going to have time to sell the house and not be rushed and then were going to rent here until something came open in that area. It was a good 5 year plan.

When this job in Albany came open and he mentioned it to me I never really considered it because he said if he was going to move it would only be to other town.  A week later he mentioned it again and said he really thought he would like to move there so we started talking. From the time he mentioned it to me that second time to him getting the job was about the span of a week.  It happened so fast.  Jacob just doesn't do things like this. When we bought my car he shopped around for months. He is someone who really thinks a lot about things and worries about the impact it will have on us. It seems like our rolls were reversed here because this time I was the one questioning the timing of everything and I was the one who was extremely hesitant to move. I had just partnered up in a photography business here, I have wonderful friends here and overall I am not unhappy where we are living. I knew I wanted to move down the road but not RIGHT NOW. I was stressed about the house and the impact it would have on our finances and Jacob has just been as calm as ever. Knowing that he really wanted this and really felt in his heart that it was the right thing for our family has put me at ease. I trust that this is where we are supposed to. I trust that he has made the right decision. Why do I feel this way???...because he feels this way.  Like I said...He just doesn't do things like this so I know that if he does he must really feel that it is the right thing to do.   It is hard. It is stressful. It goes against everything that I ever thought he would do but yet he feels it is right and is at peace with it so I am going to be as well. 

Playing in the sand box

Swinging on a beautiful day.

Jaci didn't want me to take her picture today.

Tyler started wheezing while outside and told me to come in and "Fix it."  This cough he has is getting really bad and I am thinking we might have to head in to the pediatrician to see about getting it fixed.  The other day when we were there for the asthma attack he wasn't coughing much and when he was it was more related to the attack.  He should be getting better not worse after all of this time on steroids.  The good news is he isn't wheezing quite as bad and when he does I can get it under control pretty fast.

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