Saturday, January 16, 2010


Today it was wonderful to have Jacob home. The kids were happy to have someone else around to bug and I was happy for that as well. It has been a bit odd to have him back here though. We have kind of got into a grove and know how to function pretty well without him. He isn't exactly used to the new way we have to live with the house being on the market. I have had to remind him a few times that we really need to keep the house picked up constantly especially before we leave. The kids and I are used to this (although it isn't fun at all) but this is new to Jacob now that our house is being shown more. It isn't forever though and soon enough we will all be back together under one roof.
Jackson has been begging to go bowling for months now so we decided to take them tonight. We went to a small bowling ally in a town near by. It was so much fun and super cheap compared to the other places we have tried. The place was older but charming and we all had a great time. Playing with the kids in interesting to say the least. The bumpers for kids were already being used so we had to go without. It took us 1.5 hours to play one game. The kids did much better this time than last when 2 out of 3 were crying because there were birthday parties going on that weren't theirs. That was a mess. Tonight was all about fun. Tyler had the best score of the kids with his unique bowling style. He was too funny to watch him swing his whole body a couple of times and then throw the ball. He would then start hopping around until we made him sit. It was cute. Jaci didn't exactly understand that you can't cross the line and wiped out a few times while throwing her ball. Jackson tried to bowl the right way and ended up in the gutter most of the time. He wasn't happy at all about Tyler beating him. He is never happy if he loses at anything. I am trying to work with him on that. Overall it was great fun and entertaining for us all. I think we will be going back often up until we move.

First ball of the night.

Miss Thing waiting for her ball.  (ignore the crazy hair!)

Jackson helping keep score.

Ty ready to go.

Notice how far back he is when he threw the ball.

And now he is jumping...note the ball is about to hit some pins.  He kind of smoked the other kids!

Waiting for her ball.

On track to actually hit something.

Upset that it didn't...and that I was taking pictures of it.

There Tyler goes again.

Jacob trying to help Jaci...her ball got stuck a few times because she was SO SLOW!

Congratulating Jackson on FINALLY hitting something!  (this was about the 7th or 8th frame)

Only wanting to be by daddy.

Tyler too...they were fighting over the score table chairs.


Now picture Tyler's entire body shifting from side to side and then hurling the ball with everything he had.  It worked though.

Upset that Tyler beat him.

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  1. Now that's FUNNY! We both just laughed at all these pictures. Go Ty, Ty!