Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Today I got a call from a realtor in Austin who wanted to come and show our house tonight. I had about 45 minutes notice to get everything ready, the kids loaded up and get out. It was a bit crazy and happened when we normally do homework and cook supper. Needless to say when we got home we had to hit the door running. Jackson had a TON of homework tonight from missing school yesterday so we really had to get it together and fast. Nights like this really make me miss having Jacob home to help out with the little ones. It is hard for Jackson to focus on what he needs to do with the little kids running wild around him. No matter how much I try to keep them away it is just pure chaos. Thankfully we got it all done.

I haven't heard back from our realtor on the couple's feedback yet. I am hoping that since they wanted to drive from Austin that they liked what they saw online. Hopefully we will know something tomorrow.

I am off to enjoy some down time. Tonight did me in...hopefully it will all be worth it.

Crazy hair bath.

Love these crazy kids!

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