Thursday, January 7, 2010


We had another really low key day around here. It was so cold (well...cold for Central Texas) so we didn't get out and do anything. Jaci had a rough morning when she ran straight into a wall and knocked herself out cold. I don't know what she was doing because she was looking straight at it. She came to really quickly and has been fine the rest of the day other then a mark on her forehead. Amazing how they bounce back.

You can kind of see the mark just above her right eye. 

Tyler talking to Jacob

The boys playing Wii Monster Trucks...

...and this is what happens when Tyler passes Jackson for the win.  LOL

My bag boy...Tyler has to carry ALL of this around with him EVERY day!  It started out as just a backpack and his silkie blanket.  At Christmas it progressed to a gift bag and backpack and silkie.  Then the gift bag tore and it went to a large Tractor Supply bag which he shoved the silkie and backpack into.  Now we have progressed to the re useable shopping bag with the backpack in it, a cigar box full of lizards, and a silkie.  He is also carrying around 2 John Deere bears and 2 frogs and his Zhu Zhu pet in the bag.  Don't ask what else is in all of those bags...he is a packrat and I am scared to look through it.

Of course he isn't the only one who has to sleep with a stash of stuff.  In bed with Jaci there are 2 Hello Kitty's, her regular orange kitty, one giraffe, one glow worm, a pony, a moose, a Zhu Zhu pet, a Hello Kitty pillow and 2 Hello Kitty blankets.  Don't ask me how she sleeps.

Tyler in bed with his stash.  He takes things out of the bag once he gets in bed and packs it all back up in the morning.  It is ridiculous!

Of course we have to have the John Deere pillow and blanket.

The boys in their bed.

Of course Jackson is the one who started the hauling of stuff around.  Notice the brown backpack hanging off of the bunk bed above...that's his.  Then there the tool box full of lizards as well as a cigar box full of lizards, 2 frogs, a beaver and a Zhu Zhu pet packed into his bed.

Apparently I forgot the wooden lizard and a duck as well.

Don't you wish you were me and got to make up their beds???  :)

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