Monday, February 1, 2010

32/365 One month down!

I am celebrating being able to keep this 365 Blog Project up for a full month.  Let's hope I make it 11 more.
Tonight we had a really sweet/sad moment at supper.  We all sat down to eat and say our prayers.  Jaci went first with her short little prayer and then Tyler went with his notoriously long prayer.  Before he started I said to not forget to pray that God would send the right person to buy our house.  Tyler started in on his prayer and his voice started cracking.  "Dear Heavenly Godder (that would be a mix of God and Father in case you were wondering), Please send someone to buy our house soon so we can go live with Daddy."  By this time he is full blown crying and lays his head down on the table.  He finished his prayer with his head down and wiping his eyes.  It was more than I could take.  I hate to see the kids like this but it was really touching to see Tyler so caught up in the moment.  Later on Tyler came running into where I was and said that he was going to pray again at bedtime for someone to buy the house so that we could move.  He then asked if I thought that was a good idea...I of course said yes.  They miss their daddy so do I.
 Tonight we had a game night after our bath.  It was a lot of fun. 
 Thankfully there were no tears.

 Hungry Hungry Hippos

 Chutes and Ladders

I love it when they are happy playing a game and not crying! 

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