Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Tonight we went out to Gale's house to help her with a video project for her husband's retirement and have supper. It was a lot of fun. We laughed a lot! The video is too funny! After we were done with her part of the video the kids wanted to do one so Gale gave them all hats and instruments and they went to town singing Rock and Roll all Night. It was too cute. Jaci really got into the dancing. We have a video of it but I forgot to bring it home. I will try to get it and post it tomorrow because it is so funny! We always have the best time when we go out there.  Where else do you get crazy dancing, music, good food, good friends and a deer running around inside the house like a dog?  Oh...not to mention the girls who are so wonderful to my kids.  They just love all the attention!  :)

Tyler watching the girls dance while I filmed.
Jackson and Jaci watching from the loft.
Jackson with his "guitar".
Tyler on the drums.
Jaci on lead vocals.
Rock and Roll!
Watching videos with the girls.
Just Dance!
Summer loving on Jaci.
She is getting so big!
Someone gave summer antlers.  She wore them around for a long time and didn't even mind.
Jaci and her carrot from Gale's garden.  They are the only carrots she will eat.
Summer wanted some chicken spaghetti.  She is just like the dogs.  It is too funny!


  1. Love the deer pictures! Gale's house looks so cozy. Next time I want to come over, too.

  2. I must know the story of the deer! I have never seen a domesticated deer before. I did see a You Tube video the other day of a family that had rescued a deer and after they released it to the wild it kept coming back to play with the family dog. The pictures are great!

  3. My friend rescued this deer when it was 2 days old. Her mom had been killed so they took the deer and bottle fed it. She isn't an inside deer but she likes to think she is and tries to let herself in with the dogs. Really she acts like a dog more than a deer. They have tried to encourage her to go off into the wild but she doesn't seem interested. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I can't wait to go and check out all of the new blogs I have discovered through I Heart Faces.