Thursday, February 11, 2010


Today wasn't the greatest of days. In the grand scheme of things it is very minor but frustrating none the less. Jaci's appointment didn't go quite the way he had hoped.
The Good: Both of her kidneys have grown beautifully and they are growing at the same rate which is what we are checking for every 6 months. This is great news and is what we usually hear at her appointments.

The Unusual: Jaci had the VUR (grade 4) on her left side so it should be her left kidney (if any) that is smaller than the other. It isn't. It is her right kidney. Her right side only had VUR of a grade 1 which should not have affected her kidney at all. Her doctor isn't sure why she is this way. long as they are both growing at the same rate he isn't concerned that the right one quite a bit smaller than the left.

The Bad: Jaci has had quite a few infections documented over the past 6 months and after reviewing her labs the doctor said we had no choice but to put her back on prophylactic antibiotics that she will have to take daily for an indefinite period of time. Last time she was on them for about 15 months before surgery and the surgery was supposed to have kept her off of them. I absolutely hate having to do this and feel it is a huge step backward for her. The other bad news...her right kidney was also showing signs of feathering (or fringing...the kids were screaming at me at this point) around the edges. This could be a sign of scar tissue developing in that kidney. Her tests for this that were done last May were normal but she wasn't showing signs of this on her ultrasound last May either. They are doing another test on her on March 11th and will also do another DMSA as close to May as possible. I feel in my gut that it will turn out to be nothing but it is best to know for sure. We do need to try to figure out what is going on with her and why she continues to have these infections.

Like I said...In the grand scheme of things these are all minor setbacks. I am so thankful that we have a good doctor who keeps a close eye on this and takes action to try to prevent anything from happening to her. It is better for her to be on the antibiotics than not at this point and I realize that. I just hate it for her.

In other news we are about to start building an Arc here. Seriously we are floating away. We haven't had rains like this here since I was pregnant with Jackson. The streets were totally flooded today. I am ready for some sunshine!
Jackson made  his own breakfast this morning.  A mix of Cookie Crisp and Cocoa Puffs.  There was a lot in the bowl...and milk everywhere.  He was proud of his combination though.

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