Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Today I have been working really hard trying to get everything ready for the inspection tomorrow. I want it to all be as perfect as possible since these buyers seems to be really nervous about things. I just don't want to give them any reason to back out. They will be here for 2 hours tomorrow during the inspection so I am sure they will really be looking things over and being super critical. Of course Jacob and I would do the same thing, but it isn't fun when you are the one being judged.

While I was out cleaning out the garage the kids enjoyed some good outside time. I gave them each a Fun Dip which is something I love but don't often let them have because it usually ends up spilled all over my floor. Outside is perfect for it! They were really amused with their green tongues. The picture of Jackson cracks me up because if you enlarge it you can see where Jackson bit is tongue in half. He still has a pretty good hole there. I don't have many pictures of Jackson tonight because he is really getting to a point where he hates me taking a picture of him. I try to sneak up on him but he hates it. Ty and Jaci don't mind though. The weather was absolutely beautiful today and I wish I was able to spend more time outside rather than inside cleaning and doing home improvement projects. At least the kids were able to enjoy it!

He put his feet up like this all on his own while enjoying his fun dip!

This is rare...Tyler normally does not share his tractors but today Jaci got away with it.

Sandbox fun!

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  1. lovely captures....♥loving all the green...♥
    All your babies are adorable...☺