Sunday, February 14, 2010


Can you believe I almost forgot to take pictures again today?!? I thought about it earlier in the day when Jacob had the kids outside playing but I was busy doing our taxes and didn't make it out there. Then I was going to run out this afternoon but right about the time I was getting ready to head out there a cold front blew in and brought rain and a lot of wind. It was actually sleeting earlier but I'm sure it didn't stick.

We are having a few realtor issues that have brought us down a bit today. We can't seem to pin her down to get some questions answered about our contract. They aren't deal breaking issues but things that we would like to talk to her about none the less. It is extremely frustrating to have her walk in hand us a contract and not really discuss it with us because she had a party to go to. Today she couldn't meet with us because she was going to a play and then had a date tonight and tomorrow she can't meet with us because she has an appointment at 9:30 and 1:00. The deal has to be done by 5pm tomorrow and Jacob leaves again tomorrow so we are quite annoyed by her actions.
I'm off to watch the Olympics and spend some time with Jacob. Think positive thought for tomorrow!

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