Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Someone in this family knows the way to his mama's heart.
He does this by asking to help me vacuum. (With the little vacuum of course.)
He also knows how to scare his sister.
He also does this through vacuuming. (And of course gets a kick out of it by chasing her to the stairs.)

I'm not sure when Jaci will get over her fear of the vacuum. You would think that with me vacuuming at least once a day (often times 2-3 times a day) that she would be over it. She isn't!

Jackson has finally settled into our Tuesday routine well and finally doesn't fight me when I ask him to start school work in the car while Jaci is at dance. This has helped things to be less crazy in the evening. We actually had a rather relaxing Tuesday evening which usually isn't the case. It was nice for a change.


  1. Ava hates the vacuum cleaner too. At least you have one cleaner in your house.

  2. I found your link over at I ♥ Faces 365 project so thought I would drop by and say HI! I joined a group a little while ago and really haven't found much support there so I am a bit disappointed! I thought there would more chances of feedback, criticism and encouragement but so far, NOTHING really! :( Any way, I wanted to say your photos are very nice and I am sure your husband is enjoying being able to see and follow your lives even when he is not there! So, good job! Keep it up!