Friday, February 12, 2010


Today Jackson had his Valentines Day party at school. I am the room mother so I had to take the little kids along with me for the party.  We had Pizza, cupcakes, punch and Ice cream (which wasn't supposed to be there).  The Ice cream would have been great but we had nothing to serve it with and the parent that brought it didn't think about that.  It was kind of a big mess.  Tyler and Jaci enjoyed the Ice cream though.  Jackson had a great time as well. He has been excited about this all week. I pulled Jackson out once the party was over so it was also nice to not have to sit through carpool today. Jacob is coming home tonight. He has a 3 day weekend. I was going to go up to Albany but they had so much snow up there and I just decided we wouldn't be able to do a whole lot with a muddy mess. I also didn't know how I was going to get everything done for us to be out of town so this worked out better for me. We will probably try to go up there in March sometime.

I'm going to get this posted early so that I can enjoy tonight. I LOVE the Olympics and am so excited for the opening ceremonies tonight. Hope you all have a great weekend! Oh...I just got a call that the house is going to be shown tomorrow morning. I hope it goes well!

Ice Cream!

This is the little girl in Jackson's class that he has a bit of a crush on.  She was pretty cute showing him the Valentine she had given him.  Tyler had a great time making fun of him over this.  And so it begins... :)

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