Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Today was a much better day than yesterday. Tyler is still not feeling great but compared to yesterday he is much better. He actually has a little life in his eyes which he did not have yesterday. He still gets sick when he eats but he wants to eat so I am letting him. He was getting mad at me thinking I was starving him so I am feeding him.
He was asking me where I got his bucket that he has been throwing up in and I told him it was from the hospital when he was a baby and that he actually had his first bath in it. He couldn't believe me so I pulled out his photo album from when he was a baby and showed it to him. He has been obsessed with his book ever since then and won't let me put it up. He just sits and looks at it and has been asking a TON of questions about when he was a baby. It is cute.
Jaci is back to feeling 100%. She has been sad that Tyler hasn't wanted to play with her today. Hopefully tomorrow she will have her playmate back.
One exciting thing that happened today was the snow. It just never snows here and if it does you really can't see it and it doesn't build up. Today it didn't really stick much but the flakes were BIG and beautiful coming down. Unfortunately it happened during nap time so the little kids had to miss it. Jackson's teacher let them go out and play in it so he was super excited about that when he came home. The pictures really don't do the snow justice. It was beautiful to watch.
I know it isn't much but it is the most I have ever seen in Lockhart.  It actually built up a bit more but I was busy and didn't get a picture.  :(
I have a dentist appointment tomorrow to get a root canal so I am really excited about that. Talk about a fun week for me! :) Two kids with a stomach virus and a root canal. It is going to be hard to top this.

I'm off to bed. Tyler is sleeping with me again tonight and wants me in bed now so I better listen to him.

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