Monday, February 22, 2010


This pretty much sums up the past day.  Tyler has spent most of last night and this morning throwing up every 10-30 minutes.  He got pretty dehydrated and I was starting to think we needed to head in and get him some IV fluids.  I finally decided to stop trying Garorade and switched to Ginger Ale and he kept it down a little longer than the Gatorade.  I would give him 3-5 mls from a syringe every 10 minutes and he finally started using the bathroom again around lunch time and has only thrown up once since about 2.  That is a huge improvement over last night.  I gave him some anti-nausea meds around noon and they seem to be helping out.  His fever isn't as high either so that is nice.
Jackson has been great today which I am so thankful for.  I think he knew I just couldn't deal with much more than keeping Tyler and Jaci going so he really stepped it up and didn't fight me today on things he usually does.  Makes me proud of him for being able to recognize that.
This is Ty looking much better this evening.  His lips were so cracked and bleeding this morning that I though he was throwing up blood because there was so much blood in his throw up.  When we went to Walmart today I picked him up some Neosporin Lip Treatment and it REALLY seems to work well.
Little more throwing up for her but she has run a fever and has had an upset stomach.  She has tried to play and feel good but she just isn't great. 

Overall other than washing 7 loads of throw up laundry and cleaning up the mess we created last night we have had a pretty low key day.  No cooking or toys to pick up...just movies and laying around.  (and running to the bathroom)  Here is hoping that tonight is a better night and tomorrow is a better day.  I just can't stand to see them sick like this.


  1. Poor babies, and poor mama. This is rough! Hope you all are well soon.

  2. Oh poor babies!! hope every one gets better!!
    Keeping you in my prayers!