Thursday, February 25, 2010


The weather today was beautiful! It is always so nice to be able to get outside with the kids. It does us all good! Somehow they managed to get really muddy and by the end of the evening Jaci managed to bite all the way through her bottom lip while swinging. Thankfully it was just at the top part of her lip and a popsicle fixed her right up.
Tomorrow the boys have an appointment with their allergist to discuss an allergy plan for them this next year. We did the bloodwork last week and it came back that Tyler's egg sensitivity is worse than last time but Jackson's is to a level where they think he should be able to eat eggs now. They want to do a food challenge tomorrow which means I will have to cook up an egg and we will have to see how he reacts when eating it. Jackson is terrible at trying new things and is even worse if it is something he knows he has been allergic to. He is scared out of his mind about this. It should be an interesting day. They said to plan to be there several hours which is always a lot of fun with 3 kids. Blah...I'm not looking forward to it! Wish us luck tomorrow!
I think this would have to be one of my favorite pictures that I have taken lately!  :)

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