Friday, February 5, 2010


Today the sun finally came out and it stopped raining!  Yay!  I had a doctor appointment in Austin this afternoon so we all went and then spend the afternoon out.  It was nice to be out but I didn't feel great so I was ready to come home and rest.  Jacob told the kids they could get a little something while at Target and they picked Bendaroos.  Jackson has been wanting them for a long time and I just haven't ever picked them up for him.  These things are FABULOUS!  They are clear wax over string that you can create things with.  They seriously played with them for over an hour and still wanted to play more but it was supper time.  I love that they can be creative and not make a huge mess like with playdough.  They love playdough but I hate the mess after.  I am so glad to have found these.  Jacob and I even enjoyed creating things with them.  :)

I'm feeling rather yucky so I am off to take some Mortin and head to bed.  Oh...we have a house showing tomorrow morning so pray it goes well.  Have a wonderful weekend!

Tyler showing off his creations.
Jackson working on his project.

Jaci and daddy making things.
I made Tyler a tractor.

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