Friday, January 28, 2011


Today was a busy day full of decisions! 
After Jaci and Tyler got out of school we headed to Abilene.  We went to 3 paint stores and 5 carpet stores.  I finally picked out the carpet for the bedrooms and playroom as well as the paint for all of the rooms but our room.  I have agonized over these choices for a long time now and it feels wonderful to have it done!  Only a few more details to take care of and I should be done with all of the decisions.  Whoo hoo! 
I knew I wouldn't be home in time to pick Jackson up so I arranged for him to go to after school care at the sports center.  He LOVED it and came home so tired.  I am so glad we have something like this here and will certainly be using it more often. 
Much to my surprise they started our rock today.  I love the pattern and it goes really well with our brick.  The only thing that I am not totally loving is where the rock and brick meet.  I wish I had told the mason to pull the brick along there to give it some definition.  It is too late to change it now so I am just going to focus on all I love about it! 
I also had the mason stand the brick up along the top and he pulled every 3rd brick which gives it depth (you can't really see it here).  I love how it turned out!  My brother in law suggested this and I am so happy he did.  It really adds something extra to the brick.  I still have moments of hating our paint but it really depends on the light.  It looks much better in person than in any of the pictures but still can look off depending on the time of day.  Thankfully it is looking so much better now that everything is coming together.

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