Saturday, January 1, 2011

365/365 I did it!

 Happy New Year! 
As I sit here tonight it is hard to believe that a year has gone by since I started this 365 Blog Project.  I honestly didn't think I would be able to keep this up for a full year but I am so incredibly happy that I did.
In fact I am a little sad to see this coming to an end.
Oh how things change over the course of a year!  Last year at this time our future was so uncertain.  Jacob was preparing to move away from us and start a new job.  I was praying that we would be able to sell the house and join him before his government relocation money ran out.  Last year on New Years Eve I stayed up and cried, so scared of what was ahead of us. 
Tonight as I sit here I am filled with excitement about all of the great things we have to look forward to in 2011. 
2010 was a tough year.  Jacob and I lived apart for 3 months.  We moved to a new town into an incredibly small rent house and have lived with the majority of our stuff in storage for the past 9 months.  Jacob started a new job.  Jackson started a new school and we started building a house after several months of trying to find a place to actually build the house.

2010 taught me a lot about myself.  It tested me in ways I never hope to be tested again.  It changed me.  It changed the relationship I have with my husband.  It drove me to a breaking point many times.
It also showed me who I can truly depend on in my life.
I have the most amazing friends who have kept me as sane as I could possibly be through this process.
I am certain I wouldn't have survived this year without them.
I have an amazing supportive family.
I have an amazing husband who did this all for US!
(Even though it was so hard!)
I love that I have every day of this year documented.
In the worst times there was always some happiness.
A smile.
A funny story.
A goofy picture.
I have it all.
And even though this year has seemed so difficult, I am happy that it is the moments of happiness that I have in here. 
When I look back at this blog I just smile because it is the moments of happiness that you need to carry with you into the future.
Learn from the difficult times but don't dwell on them.
Choose to find the little spark of happiness in every day and hold onto that as you move forward. 
I am, however,  happy to put 2010 behind me and move on to 2011. 
I have felt like I was living my life on hold all year long and I am ready to feel settled and feel like we are HOME.
2010 couldn't do that for me but 2011 will!
2011 is going to be an AMAZING year!

Thank you to all of you who have kept up with this blog through out the year.  I have really enjoyed doing this.  I would love for you to leave a comment if you have read through the year and let me know what you think.  This was a HUGE project that took a lot of my time but I am so happy that I have it!
So what are my plans for the future?
I plan on continuing to blog every day at least until we get the house built.
From that point on I am not exactly sure.  I just know that I want to at least follow this through the rest of our building and moving in process so that I can feel like I have this entire move and building process documented.
I also plan on putting together a slide show of my favorite pictures of the year.  I just can't do that until I get my laptop up and running again.
What do you think?
Have you enjoyed this?
Should I keep going?
I guess we will see where the year leads us.
Happy New year!
I hope you all have a wonderfully blessed 2011!


  1. You did it Tara! This last one made me cry. I think you should keep it up. If you don't do it everyday that would be okay, just as long as you do weekly or whatever feels right for you. I have been so glad that you did this, it's a wonderful way for me to keep up with you and see the kids growing and changing day by day. It means a lot since we live so far away. Great job Tara!!

  2. Woo-hoo!!! You did it! And a very well written ending for the year...I heard a rumor somewhere that you were a state medalist in UIL writing...wonder if it's true. :)