Friday, December 31, 2010


I can't believe that I only have one more day of this year long project left.
Sadly I don't have any pictures of the kids because they are with my mom but I do have a lot of pictures of what all is going on out at the house! 
There was a lot going on today out there. 
The dirt guys were out and got rid of the huge piles of dirt that were sitting on both sides of the house.
(The kids are going to be so sad when they see this.)
Jacob got the insulation put up in the workshop and the sheetrock was delivered. 
They built up the dirt all around the foundation and dug a test hole for the septic system as well! 
Jacob also started insulating some of the interior walls to make them more sound proof. 
I put on the first coat of sealer on the concrete and LOVE the way it looked.
(Again...the pictures are WAY more orange than it really looks in person.)
I am so happy with how it turned out. 
I think it is going to have the perfect rustic feel to it and we saved a lot of money by going this route and doing it ourselves!  Yay! 
I also got down in the basement and cleaned it out really good. 
It needed it!  We haven't cleaned down there at all and it was a disaster area.  After I got everything cleaned out I sprayed down all of the walls and baseboards with bug spray to help prevent us from having so many bugs once we move in.   
Overall it was a really productive day!  We were out at the house by 8:30 and worked until a little after 6.  We have another busy day tomorrow and Sunday before we have to get out of the way and let the professionals do their work.  Our plan is to be out at the house at 7 AM.  It is currently 1:14 AM.  I must be crazy but at least I am finally all caught up!
And now I am off to bed!

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