Friday, December 31, 2010


Today we started staining the bathroom floors. 
I am not going to lie and say that I wasn't just a little panicked when I saw how they were turning out after we put the first of 2 coats of stain on.
(The pictures make it look a lot more orange than it really is.  The color is more of a dark brown.) 
After the second coat of stain it was looking a little better. 
We spent a lot of time working on the floors and getting things really cleaned up out at the house. 
The kids were happy to be heading to my mom's house for a few days.  They are kind of over hanging out at the house working. 
They were thrilled when we headed out to meet up with her.
In fact they sat by the front door for almost 30 minutes while I finished gathering their things.
After I got back from dropping them off, Jacob and I headed to Abilene to pick up supplies and go out to eat.  It was a nice to get away for a little date.  (Even though it did include a trip to Home Depot and Lowes!)

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