Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Today Jackson came home from school and wanted to make Christmas ornaments. 
He got cardboard and pinto beans and glue and he and Tyler and Jaci started working on them. 
They are interesting...but this is the year that anything goes on our tree so tomorrow after they dry I will tie string on them and we will hang them on the tree.
What really matters is that the kids made them with love and are so excited about them.
(Even if they are brown square pinto bean ornaments!) 
We headed out to the house this evening and they had been working on putting up the siding.  The siding is really yellow (much more than you can tell in the pictures!) and Tyler loved that we had green walls and yellow siding.  It is truly turning into a John Deere house!
The siding won't stay yellow but for now he is loving it! 
They also got the ceiling in our bedroom vaulted and it looks amazing!  It opens up the room so much!  I am so glad I made the decision to change it up and go ahead and vault the ceiling.
I have a busy day tomorrow going on a field trip to the Art Museum with Jaci and Tyler's school.  It should be interesting and fun.

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