Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Today Jaci and Tyler had their first field trip.  They were so excited to go to the Old Jailhouse Art Museum for a puppet show. 

It was a great little show and they taught the kids a lot about how the puppets work.  These are the same men from Dallas that come in during the Summer and put on a week long free puppet workshop.  I love that this town has so many wonderful activities to expose the youth to the arts.  Jackson's class also took a field trip to see the show but they were leaving right as we got there so we didn't get to see him except for on the bus as they were leaving.  He loved the workshop as well.
Things at the house are moving along nicely.
They finished up the siding on the back of the house.  I just need to go and pick out our paint now.  We are staining the cedar so it might get a little interesting to find a color that goes well with the stain and our rock and brick.
The kids are always happy to get out there see the progress and do a little work.
They kind of know the routine by now and usually jump right in and start picking up nails and empty coke cans and putting them in the trash.
I think that we will all appreciate this house so much more because we have worked as a family to see it all come together.  I am so happy that the kids are old enough to remember this.
And this is our view every evening as we leave the house.  The sunsets are just beautiful.  I can't wait to be living out there and be able to sit out on our front porch and enjoy them!

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