Friday, December 31, 2010


Christmas morning...5 AM!
I am pretty sure Jackson didn't sleep that night and as a result had everyone up super early!
He first woke up at 4 but Jacob's parent's held him off until 5. 
He couldn't wait to see what all he had received! 
Tyler wasn't quite awake and it took him awhile to get into the swing of things. 
Jaci was sleepy as well but loved her oven!
Even though it has an oven door that won't stay on!  (I think the elf who made it didn't quite have the design down!) 
All of the grandkids with their letter pictures. 
Opening their gift from Grand and Grandmama. 
Jaci is such a poser.  LOL! 
Jackson with his Nerf bow. 
After presents the kids all did karaoke and told stories. 
Tyler was singing Happy Birthday Jesus. 
The kids always have a lot of fun singing and being the center of attention. 
It was a good Christmas.  I love seeing it through the eyes of the kids.  It is pretty awesome!

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