Saturday, December 4, 2010


One year ago today....
I was backstage at a KISS concert with my awesome uncle Darren.  He has loved KISS all his life and it was amazing to be able to take him and get backstage passes.  It was such a great night!
One year ago today....
Jacob drove to Albany for his job interview and was hired as the new CED.
One year ago today our lives were forever changed and I was so scared about our future...but I had a great night forgetting about everything and just enjoying a night with my uncle who also needed to get away and have a night where he could escape reality!  
I can't believe it has been a year since all of this began!
And now here we are a year later watching our house being built.
Today wasn't quite as exciting as it was a year ago.
We went out to the house and spent about 6 hours out there cleaning up.  I have blisters from sweeping out the house.  (I wasn't smart enough to think to use a blower to just blow everything out of there!)  I seriously spent the entire time sweeping.  My back and hands are killing me!
Jacob picked up and sorted all of the lumber and threw away all of the trash.
The kids spent their time picking up nails and trash and helping sweep out the garage.
I had to move Jaci to the garage after she fell off the front porch TWICE while sweeping!  She is so clumsy!  
Tyler still isn't feeling great but was a trooper and really helped out a lot today.
Have I mentioned how much he loves the green walls on our house.  He is hoping they will stay that way.  I don't think so.  He is also begging me to paint his room John Deere Green.  Again...I don't think so. 
Jackson did a great job helping Jacob although he does lose interest really fast.  When he was working he was so helpful and did a great job...he just complained the entire time! 
Jaci is normally my little drama filled child, but today she did awesome and was so helpful.  I was so proud of her especially after she fell off the porch (TWICE!!!)
Overall we had a great day.  It feels good to get out there and work on OUR house.  There is a sense of pride that comes from working as a family to make this happen.
It is a pretty amazing feeling.

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