Friday, December 3, 2010


Today the little ones had a doctors appointment.  Jaci is doing OK and although she has a pretty bad cough there doesn't seem to be anything else going on with her.  Tyler has a pretty bad upper respiratory infection.  He has been wheezing pretty bad.  The doctor put him on antibiotics and steroids.  I HATE steroids.  They make him crazy and emotional and you can't get enough food in him.  He has really hasn't been that sick since we moved here.  Nothing like when we lived in Lockhart.  This is only the second time he has been this sick since we moved here and that is WONDERFUL for him!  I am so thankful for that! 
Before we headed to the appointment we headed out to our house.  They were putting in the windows and exterior doors today and putting felt on the roof.  It changes so much every day!  I didn't have my camera so I will post pictures tomorrow. 
Jackson got out of school early today because the Albany Lions are in the football playoffs.  Sadly they lost tonight.  He was so bummed.  He has really got into football this year.  Jacob took off work early and picked him up and they both went and worked on clean up at the house.  We will be doing that all weekend as well.  (If Tyler can handle being out in the cold and wind.) 
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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