Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Today the kids and I spent the day getting ready to do our Christmas here tonight. 
We cleaned up the house, did laundry and then made almond covered pretzels.  The kids were a big help and although they aren't the prettiest pretzels, they taste the same and the kids had a great time! 
We also took care of a few things out at the new house.  While out there Jaci ran into a tree and scraped and bruised up her head.  I honestly don't know how she does it sometimes.  She is just too clumsy!  Do you remember when she was chasing bubbles and ran into a tree and broke her nose?  She really does need to wear a helmet around to keep her safe.  LOL! 
The kids were so excited to do our Christmas tonight.  We scaled back a lot this year but they still loved everything. 
 The big hit of the night was a mechanical John Deere bank that I got Tyler.  He didn't care about anything else other than his bank.  The other kids loved it too and spend most of the evening putting money into it. 
After the regular presents we gave them their big gift.  I found a used Rock Band for Wii for them and they loved playing it even though it is a bit above their skill level.  We all had a great time playing it.
The next couple of days are going to be really crazy and I most likely will not be posting over the holidays.  As usual, I will go back and catch on my posts when things return to normal!
Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!

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