Sunday, December 12, 2010


Today was such a busy day although I don't feel like we got anything accomplished.
I also had my camera battery run down so I didn't snap a picture until the kids were already in bed.
(Oh...and in case you were wondering...that is red tensile hanging from Tyler's bed.  In this house anything goes!) 
Speaking of the anything goes...Today my sister came and picked up our old TV armiore.  We are putting the TV above the fireplace in our new house and won't be needing it so we sold it to her.  That left us needing to do something about our TV situation.  We ended up buying the TV we wanted today and setting it up on a card table in our living room.  Yep...I said a card table...with a nice new flat screen!  LOL!  It isn't ideal but it will work for a few months.  Like I said...anything goes here! 
Tomorrow I have a busy day tomorrow out at the house with the electrician and then finalizing our paint choices.  We painted 11 samples today and didn't find anything that looked great so I need to go get more tomorrow.  Our builder is planning on painting some this week so the pressure is on.

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