Monday, December 20, 2010


Today is Jacob's birthday!  We had a great day.  We didn't do anything special but it was nice. 
We had an issue with our electrician today that really upset me but thankfully our awesome builder took care of things.  I am so glad to have a builder that I trust to handle things. 
We went out and did a little clean up this evening.  After we were done we sat on the tailgate and watched the sun set for about 15 minutes.  It was so nice!  We came home and had supper and then while cleaning up Jacob commented on how cool the moon was.  As a result of that we all headed outside to check out the moon with Jackson's new telescope.  That lead to a game of football under the moonlight in pajamas which then lead to riding around with the windows down looking at Christmas lights in our PJ's.  Did I mention that it was still 70 degrees at 8 PM?  It felt awesome outside!
There was nothing special planned for tonight but it turned out to be one of my favorite evenings that we have had since moving here.  It was so simple and perfect!

And now some updated pictures of the house.  They started putting the shingles on today and all of the cedar posts are in and finished up!
The fireplace insert went in today as well.
Along with some of the sheet rock and the AC unit and duct work.
The garage has most of the sheet rock up in it.
The back of the house has most of the shingles on the roof.
I am feeling good now that we have the paint color picked out and I don't have to stress about that anymore.
It is moving along fast!

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