Saturday, December 18, 2010


Today we hung out around the house.  I shopped for lights on and saved a TON of money thanks to a 30% off promotion they had going on.  When you are buying lighting and ceiling fans for an entire house 30% off is a pretty big deal!  It took a long time doing it online but was worth it.  I saved about $700! 
Tonight we got dressed up and went to the presentation of The Nativity that is put on by the people of the town here.  It was really good!  Tyler was so excited to go and hear about when Jesus was born. 
Jackson sang in the children's choir and I was so sad that I walked out the door and left my camera at home.  He looked so cute in his choir robe!
Tomorrow we are heading out to the house to do some work.  If anyone wants to come and help out I am all for it!  :)

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