Friday, December 31, 2010


Christmas Eve at Grandma's house!
Santa's helper dropped by to deliver a few presents for the kids. 
They were excited to see him and get their gifts. 
It was cute to see the little kids get so excited! 
Jaci even offered him a few pretzels that we made! 
After opening their gifts the kids all took turns trying to break open the pinata. 
The first time around they had to use a blindfold but the second time they got to swing without the blindfold. 
I love this one of Jackson!  Clearly the pinata was busting open and candy was going everywhere!  Check out everyone in the background! 
After we got back to Gand and Grandmama's house the kids hung up their stockings and set out pretzels and milk for Santa and water and lettuce for the reindeer.
It was a late night for Santa...I think I heard him around 1AM.  (Yawn!)

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