Sunday, December 19, 2010


I'm having a hard time believing that Christmas is this week!
It seems like the months pass like weeks and the weeks pass like days and the days pass like hours.
I am usually pretty on top of things this time of year but this year I have failed miserably. 
Today I made a last minute dash to get a few more things as well as pick up the lights that I ordered at Lowe's yesterday.  After I got home we headed out to the house and cleaned up.  Once again we filled a dumpster in a day.  Things are looking so good out there. 
We have a busy week of school parties and fun activities with the kids coming up this week.  I am so used to helping plan the parties, but this year we are just getting in the swing of things and I am thankful that the pressure isn't on me to put together a party. 
Life is just a bit too crazy at the moment.
On a good note...We finally picked an exterior paint color after 14 samples.  My back yard is filled with rocks, brick and now tons of siding painted with different colors.  It feels good to have that decision made!

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