Monday, December 13, 2010


Today we had a busy day of running around taking care of things for the house.
I spent about 3 hours total today meeting with the electrician in the freezing cold. 
Jaci and Tyler spent the time in the car watching a movie.  (2 hours before lunch and 1 hour after)
I felt so bad for them but it was just so cold and there was so much going on inside the house.  It is way too dangerous for them to be in there when so much is going on.  I don't think we will have to do anything like this again.  Hopefully everything is all taken care of.  Can I just say that deciding where every plug, TV, phone, light and light switch will go is insane!  I had a lot of it on our plans but is was so much more detailed when meeting with the actual electrician.  I also happen to have one set of lights that are controlled by 4 (FOUR!!) different switches.  That is a bit insane to me but oh well.  He said it should probably be that way and I figure he knows more about this than me. 
Tomorrow I have to really work on getting our paint and stain (and possibly floors) settled on.  My brain hurts from making so many decisions but at the same time it is fun.  I also REALLY need to get some presents wrapped.  I am so behind!

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