Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Most of my day today was spent in the middle of the floor working on house stuff.  (Sure would be nice if I had a kitchen table to work at!)  There were enough small changes that needed to be made to the floor plans that it took forever!  I still don't have it just right.  If they had been drawn out like I drew them out then we wouldn't have an issue but several things are off and for the life of me I can't figure out why!  I can understand losing space for walls etc. but some of the things this lady did just didn't make a lot of sense.  Guess that's what I get for being in the ER when the builder met the drawer with our plans.  Oh well...we will get it worked out.  In other news our lot situation is just looking worse by the day.  We had finally set our sights on 2 lots and figured if one didn't work out the other would.  On one lot the lady decided she didn't want to sell anymore and on the other lot the man was asking a completely crazy amount for each lot and we would have to buy all 3 together.  We were willing to pay a little more for the lots because they are nice and big but this guy was asking 15,000-17,000 more per lot than the others in the neighborhood are going for which is just crazy.  Back to the drawing board.  :(

The kids enjoyed a nice relaxing day.  We got some rain this afternoon which was nice.  It kept it from getting too hot.  I am not looking forward to the crazy heat this summer.  At least it won't be as humid as the Austin area!
Tonight we let the kids enjoy a nice long (hour) bath.  They made a huge mess but had a lot of fun.  I think they miss our old big tub.  It is a tight squeeze getting all 3 in this one.

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