Sunday, June 13, 2010


Today was a really low key day.  I have not been feeling well the past 3 days and it kind of caught up with me today.  I spent the majority of my day working on a photo shoot that Gale did.  Since I am here and she is there we are trying to figure out how to keep this going.  So far it is working out because she hadn't had much time to do the editing and I have the time so she is taking the pictures and I am processing them and getting them on our website.  Hopefully once I get a little more established here I will start doing some business in this area.  It is just hard when you are new to town.

Other than that we figured up our budget again figuring in the kids private Pre K and Jackson's tutoring that we weren't planning on a few months ago.  I think we have it figured out.  It will be REALLY tight over the next year but we are saving and know how to live on a tight budget.
Tomorrow starts another busy week for us.  Tutoring on Monday and Tuesday and then baseball camp in Abilene the rest of the week.  Hopefully we will also be getting our lot taken care of and all of that settled with our builder this week.  I am ready to have this part of the building process all done with!

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