Monday, June 28, 2010


Playing school....something I always loved to do as a child. 
(Who the heck knows why any child would want to play school during the summer?!?) 
Jackson had a good time 'teaching' the little kids and I think they had a good time having him teach them.
He even read to them and did letter flash cards.  Maybe they will be more open to learning from him than me because when I try to work with them it is a huge fight.
We have all been working really hard at getting the kids up to Albany's standards this summer.  We are doing Saxon Phonics, Beka Phonics,, coloring pages and working on strengthening the kids fine motor skills to improve their handwriting.  It is a lot of work that hopefully will pay off in the end.  I am seeing improvement in everyone which is wonderful.
(Oh...and I could NEVER be a teacher!  Three is enough...I can't imagine 20+ kids.  No thank you!)

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