Sunday, June 6, 2010


They LOVE their MeMe...and today was the last day that she is going to be able to hold them for several months.  Tomorrow mom goes in to have surgery to repair some damage done to her stomach 2 years ago when she had her double mastectomy and reconstruction.  Hopefully this will be the last thing she will ever have to do related to her breast cancer.  She never had to do chemo or radiation and she is completely cancer free but she has been through a lot and hopefully this will be the last thing she has to do.

We came home this afternoon to a terribly hot house.  I really miss having central heat and AC.  I think it was actually cooler outside than in the house.  We cooked a delicious steak dinner and enjoyed some sandbox time.
Tomorrow Jackson starts tutoring and baseball camp.  He is really excited about camp...the tutoring...not so much.
Hopefully we can get on a good summer schedule this week.  I feel like things have just been so crazy and unorganized and we need a little structure.  I think we all do better when we know what to expect out of the day.
Just had to share these of Jaci and Rhett.  The had come in from playing outside and both were hot and tired.
Look how much bigger he is than her.  She is 5 months older than him!  Crazy isn't it?!

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  1. They are sooooo cute together. Wish we could have gotten a picture of them holding hands as Jaci led him to go play.