Thursday, June 10, 2010


Today was the last day of Albany's baseball camp.  Jackson had a great time there.  For the price I am really impressed.  I love that this town does so much for the kids and it is either free or really cheap.  No wonder all of the kids here are so amazing and so involved in the town and school activities.  I just love it!
Jaci even got to help out with the prize drawings at the end of camp.  Every kid got a prize, t-shirt, baseball and certificate.  Jaci was the official baseball drawer.
We came home and the boy played in a box.
Jaci played by herself.
Tonight Tyler started feeling sick.  He got one of his headaches and then just wanted to lay in bed with his sick bucket.  No throw up yet...I'm sure it will come in the middle of the night if it comes.  I hate him getting like this.
The kids all stayed up late tonight.  I am hoping they will sleep in tomorrow morning.  This is the first day of summer that we don't have anything to get up and do.  Of course that usually means they will be up at 6:15.  That's just how it goes in our house.  :)

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