Thursday, June 3, 2010


Just another day here in Albany.  Tyler did have a funny moment this afternoon.  He was playing and got a splinter under his fingernail .  It was in there deep!  He was screaming and so upset with me.  When I told him I had to get it out he said, "No Mom...God god will take care of it.  It's fine."  I just love his little mind.  I of course made him let me work on it and after 1.5 hours we got it out.  He wasn't happy with me but I gave him a ring pop (hence the blue lips) and he let me do what I needed to.  Mommy took care of the splinter...God will handle the rest.

After supper we played outside for a couple of hours.  It was pretty nice out.  Hot but not too bad.
We are still finalizing our house plans and working on the lot situation.  It is stressful but I guess that is just part of the process.  I made 5 calls today trying to get a lot.  We have not gone to our 3rd set of back up lots and several things need to fall into place for us to get it.  We are looking at 3 lots with 3 different owners and we need 2 out of the 3 lots to build.  Not so easy working with so many people.  I am just trying to have faith that if it is meant to be it will work out.  Sometimes it isn't so easy but I am trying. 

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