Thursday, June 24, 2010


Another one bites the dust...Jaci is now throwing up as of about 5PM today.
Jackson is still throwing up as well.  That makes 4 days of this for him.

Tyler is still going strong and we are doing our best to keep him away from the other kids.  Sadly I am also sick and not wanting to get too close to Tyler.  I'm not throwing up but I have a nasty cold that has quickly settled in my chest.  It certainly doesn't help that I had pneumonia less than a month ago.  I can absolutely feel it getting so much worse as the day goes on.  I am going to try to get in to the doctor tomorrow and see if I can get it taken care of before it gets too bad.  If Tyler got this it would be bad for him because his weakness is his lungs.  I am praying that we can keep him well.
It has been a lazy day with us all being sick and I predict that we will all be laying around again tomorrow.  That's OK...after being on the go we all need the rest.

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  1. your blog is so great to read!
    i hope your little ones feels better...
    - nicki