Friday, June 25, 2010


It was another low key day around here.  Jackson is feeling a little better.  Still not 100% but he started eating just a little today which livened him up some.  He hasn't had anything to eat since Sunday night so I was happy to see him ready to eat again.

Tyler is still holding strong.  I just pray he doesn't come down with any of this because when he gets something it is always so much worse for him.  He was happy to have Jackson to play with again.  They played Lego's most of the afternoon.
Jaci and I are still down and out.  We had a really rough night last night and it has been a really long day.  Her biggest complaint is a headache and her fever which is odd since Jackson never had either of those.  It is possible that she has a combination of the stomach virus from Jackson and the respiratory infection from me.  I hope she starts feeling better soon.  At least we are all sick together.  It is always tough to be sick and have the kids up and active begging me to do things.  We are all getting some good rest.

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