Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Today we had a lot key day other than Jackson's baseball camp and tutoring.

Jaci and I did a little maintenance on ourselves.
She wanted colors on her fingers like her Meme.  (Mommy had a hard enough time keeping her toes done...certainly no time fingers!)
Tyler had a much better day today.  He is super excited about his birthday tomorrow.  I think he might be a bit disappointed when he discovers that we aren't having another party and he doesn't have any more presents but hopefully a special meal tomorrow night will make him happy.
Ignore this terrible picture of Jackson.  He was not in the mood for me to take pictures of him tonight.  I thought I had a good one but apparently I deleted the wrong one and didn't realize it until he was asleep.  Jackson is enjoying Baseball camp and tutoring and is enjoying being out of school.  The house is busy and loud but we are enjoying our summer as much as we can here in this little house.

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