Friday, July 2, 2010

183/365 Still sick and a Fireworks and kids PSA

I promise that the moment we all start feeling better we will get out of the house and I will have something interesting to blog about.  Until then you will just have to suffer along with me.
Last night was another really long night of me coughing non stop.  Around 12 Tyler woke up screaming that his tummy hurt which then led to Jaci screaming that she didn't feel well.  I think Jaci was mostly complaining because she was woken up in the middle of the night.  Jacob ended up taking her to sleep in the boys room while I stayed up ALL NIGHT LONG with Tyler.  Poor kid just could not sleep he was hurting so bad.  He was so restless and about every 15 minutes or so would just sit up and scream.  It was miserable.  He finally got easy around 6AM and we fell asleep for an hour.  Today he hasn't been as miserable but if he eats he just has such severe stomach pains. 
I am starting to think that we will never get over this.  I am wiping things down, spraying Lysol and washing all of the sheets and silkies but we just can't get past it.  Hopefully with some more rest this weekend we will all be well by the 4th.  I really want to get out and do something.  I always loved the 4th as a child.

Speaking of the 4th...A little PSA here.
Sparklers are NOT safe for children!
 I just want to put a warning out there for all of you who might consider giving your child a sparkler this year.  DON'T DO IT!  Three years ago Jackson was badly burned by a sparkler.   Here's the other thing...we were standing RIGHT NEXT TO HIM supervising him while he had it.  He was wearing a shirt and thankfully it was wet from swimming or else things probably would have been so much worse. I am still not sure what happened because his shirt was not burned so I am thinking that part of it broke off and worked it's way down into his shirt. It all happened so fast! Needless to say he is terrified of all things involving fireworks now. I just wanted to let you know that even if it seems safe and you think they are old enough; think twice.  I usually get teased for being a bit (OK...a lot!) overprotective of the kids but my gut instinct told me not to let him have a sparkler and  I felt like I was pressured into it.  I will always regret it.  Sparklers are the equivalent of handing your child a welding rod.  Did you know that they can heat up to 2000 degrees, that's hot enough to melt gold! While they are pretty...they are NOT safe for young kids.
Here are the pictures of Jackson's chest. Remember...he had a WET Shirt on at the time so it could have been so much worse! There were actually holes in his skin.
Three years later you can still see where he was burned.
Don't let this happen to your kids.
Please share this with anyone you know who will be around young kids this 4th of July weekend!
Stay smart...have fun!

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