Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Houston...we have a problem.  My speedometer decided to go out today.  I think I was going about 15mph here.  (Otherwise I wouldn't have taken a picture!)  Not sure what is going on with it but I am going to Robert Lee tomorrow and am not looking forward to making the trip not knowing how fast I am going.  It is going to make for a LONG stressful trip.  If I get stopped do you think they will buy the excuse that my speedometer is broken?
Today Jackson went to summer camp while Tyler and Jaci went with me to Abilene for Tyler's doctor appointment.  They took the kids to the pool in Breckenridge today and despite Jackson having sunscreen on he got burned REALLY bad!  He had a blast though.  One of his classmates was there and was going off of the high dive so Jackson decided he would give it a try.  (With a life jacket of course since he isn't the greatest swimmer.)  He is usually such a big chicken but I guess having a friend there doing it made him decide he could do it.  He was so proud of himself!  I am happy that he is trying new things and getting out of his comfort zone.  This camp has been such a positive thing for him.
Tyler's appointment went well today.  I like the doctor but do not like his office or staff.  It just might be a deal breaker for me.  Everyone recommended these guys to me but they are just too large of a practice.  I wasn't impressed.  Tyler is 47 lbs and 3'9".  He hasn't grown a whole lot over the past year.  The steroids he takes for his lungs have been shown to stunt growth but once he gets off of them he should start growing normally again.  Hopefully he will get off of them eventually.  Tyler was always above average in his height and weight so I would consider him to be perfectly normal now.
Our little princess impatiently waiting for tomorrow when we head to MeMe's house.  She is ready to go and see everyone and play with her kitty.  She hasn't stopped talking about it for the past 2 days!

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