Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Tonight Tyler wanted to show off the garden.  It has really grown a lot.  We are getting a ton of squash from it and starting to get some corn coming on.  I have no clue why our okra plants aren't putting on any okra.  They are huge so you would thing that we would have a ton of okra.  Who knows.
The boys went and watched a movie in Breckenridge at camp today in addition to VBS.  They are really enjoying all of the extra activities.
Next week we are going to be signing Jaci up for Cheer camp.  The high school cheerleaders will be putting on the camp.  Technically you need to be 4 to enroll but everyone has said that since Jaci will be 4 the next week that they should take her.  I hope so.  She has been so sad that she hasn't been able to participate in the same summer camp or VBS that the boys are.  She is so excited at the thought of having somewhere to go.  I hope it works out.

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  1. Looks like the garden is really growing! I hope Jaci enjoys cheer camp! It will be really fun for her. :-)