Wednesday, July 14, 2010


We made it into Robert Lee this afternoon around 3 and the kids were so excited to get here and see their kitties. 
Poor babies didn't know what to think about what all was happening around them!
(Although I think they did enjoy all of the attention!)
We swam most of the evening and then came in and had some wonderful Chicken and Dumplings my grandma made.  That is one of my favorite meals (as well as the kids) so it was a wonderful treat to come in and have that waiting for us.
After supper we relaxed and watched a movie (while snuggling...or trying to snuggle) the kitties.
Tomorrow we are heading to San Angelo for some park time and shopping.  It should be a fun tiring day!
It is so nice to be here and be away from that little house.  I had kind of reached a breaking point being there so this is a welcome break from our living situation.

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  1. You always have such cute pictures of your kids to post! They are just darling and it looks like they loved the cats too.