Thursday, July 8, 2010


I think they have missed each other since the summer began.
The thing is, as long as it is the 2 of them, they get along great!  When Jackson is around they tend to hate each other.
Tonight they were all love.
He even let her lay in his bed which he NEVER does.  I know Jaci was glad to have her friend back.
Jackson was in no mood to do pictures tonight.  I took one (which is awful) and he said done and walked away.  Since he was in such an anti-social mood I sent him to our room to read with Jacob.  We are happy to be seeing some improvement with his reading.  We have all been working really hard and it is paying off.
Tyler modeling his sunglasses that he made at camp.  They have green (of course) gems glues on the sides.
Jaci running around the house with the racing helmet on.  All day long we played princess but tonight since she had her playmate back and they were watching monster trucks she switched modes.  She is flexible that way.  :)

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