Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Off to another day of camp!
They boys just can't wait to get there in the morning.
Non stop swimming, games, arts and FUN!  They sure are tired at night though.  Tyler was ready for bed at 7:45 tonight.  Both boys were in bed by 8:20.  I am enjoying the quiet evenings.
Miss Jaci May has had a lot of girly time during the day.  Non stop princess dress up, hair and makeup.  She is loving it but I think she does miss the boys.  I am not having quite as much down time as I had thought because she wants me to play with her.  It is nice to focus my attention on one child and not be pulled in so many directions.  Most days I will be playing dress up with her while trying to help the boys build something for their cars or get kids online to play on starfall.  It gets frustrating to not be able to devote the individual time to each kids so we are making the most of our days while the boys are at camp.
A princess deep in thought.

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