Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Today we got back into our summer routine with the boys going to camp and then Jackson having tutoring.  Today his tutor invited me to come in and watch for the hour.  I am seeing a great deal of improvement in him and she is as well.  Today he earned money for doing a good job.  He loves getting rewards for doing good.  I really do love his tutor!
Tyler had a great day at camp.  They went to the Community Vacation Bible school and then after lunch they all went to the pool in Breckenridge.  Jackson apparently was really helpful with Tyler at the pool and helped him go down the waterslide over and over again.  He even tried to get him to jump off the low diving board but Tyler wouldn't do it.  Jackson is still jumping off of the high dive (with a life jacket)  and loving it.  The people at camp talk about how great they are with each other while camp.  They said they have never seen 2 brothers get along as well as the 2 of them.  I wish they were like that all the time at home as well.
Jaci was happy to get to play dress up all day today.  I bought her 'princess' gloves at Target last week and she couldn't wait to wear them with her princess dresses.  She is such a girl!  The only time those gloves came off today was when she ate, napped, or took a bath.  She loves those gloves.  For her birthday she wants more dress up stuff.  That is all she wants to do.  It is so cute!
On the home front...our house plans are final as of today.  Still no change on our lot situation.  It is very frustrating.  I am not going to say much more because I don't have anything nice to say about it.

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